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Speaker, Master Life Coach, Entrepreneur & Six-Time International Best-Selling Author

The companies that excel in today’s work environment have gone beyond the mastery of technical expertise and knowledge; they understand the interpersonal dynamic that creates an environment where individuals, teams and companies thrive.

The acts of effective communication, active listening, presenting ideas, gaining agreement, and resolving conflict all come down to knowing how to build and maintain relationships with people. When strong relationships are created internally, team members engage more deeply in projects, are more decisive and creative in their problem solving, and stay longer, reducing company turnover and training costs.

Why Hire Sharon?

  • Teaches individuals how to be their best selves, elevating individual and team performance
  • Creates more productive working relationships
  • Lowers distraction and drama within teams, departments and across the organization
  • Develops a more engaged, focused and productive workforce
  • Improves creative problem-solving, driving and delivering better results
  • Increases job satisfaction and improved employee retention


Hot Topics for Your Audience:

It’s Not the Strategy! The Art & Science of Extraordinary Working Relationships

We’ve focused incessantly on execution and strategy. It gets most of the focus and energy. However, the problem in your business today isn’t the strategy or the execution. The problems we’re experiencing in today’s modern workplace is in creating and sustaining healthy and productive business relationships that make it possible for individuals to work together cohesively and the company can achieve its objectives. When we can master the science of the mind, the art of creating and sustaining productive working relationships comes with ease.

Quit It! The Three Things You Need to Stop Doing so You can Dramatically Improve Your Relationships at Work & Start Thriving

The quality of the relationships we have at work have a tremendous impact on our personal success, as well as the success of the business.  In order to have exceptional professional relationships and teams that not only work together effectively but excel, there are several things that everyone simply must stop doing. Applying the latest in psychology, human behavior and communication, attendees will learn how to dramatically enhance their work relationships, resulting in greater professional accomplishments, job satisfaction and success.


Sharon’s Bio:

Sharon Pope has combined her expertise in interpersonal relationships with her 20 years in corporate marketing and sales to identify how the skill of building and maintaining relationships is what makes some individuals successful in business, while others consistently struggle. As a professional speaker, she teaches practical tools that dramatically improve communication, creative problem solving, and how to quickly overcome conflict so that individuals, teams, and companies can thrive.

Sharon is a Speaker, a Master Life Coach, a six-time #1 international best-selling author on the topic of relationships and has been published dozens of times, including in The New York Times. She has an MBA from Ashland University and lives in Columbus, OH with the love of her life, Derrick.



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