Client Results

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Client Results

Client Results

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  • “When I first reached out to Sharon, I felt defeated and beat myself up daily. I had no idea how to deal with the pain I faced. After working with Sharon only a short time, everything shifted and she has had a dramatic impact on my life.”

    - Becky -
  • “Every session with Sharon was “life-changing.” I felt like I was taking giant steps!  Best thing I have ever done for myself….Priceless!!!”

    - Linda -
  • “I had a, straw that broke the camel’s back, moment that gave me the extra push I needed to begin working with Sharon.  I was tired of feeling lonely and stagnant when it came to my dating status and my career. After working with her for the past three months I no longer feel “stuck” and TRULY feel optimistic about my future and believe that I can achieve what I desire. The tools she taught me helped me to take control of my life.   I am beyond grateful for her guidance!”

    - Karen -
  • “I entered this working relationship with some doubt and a little cynicism. I have done therapy over the years and again more recently after experiencing the loss of my 30 year relationship with my husband.

    My work with Sharon has been unlike any other. The focus is different. There is a depth to our work – that gets to the core of who I am and what I want going forward. Sharon takes a caring, compassionate approach, tempered with accountability and honesty – she calls “bullshit” when it needs to be called and asks questions I have never been asked before, triggering thoughts and insights that I have not experienced previously.

    If you are ready to work through the pain – not get over it, just work through it – and focus on where you want to go – this is the program for you. And Sharon can get you there! I feel stronger, more accepting of things I cannot change and more peaceful. I have some visual touchstones and phrases that refocus me every day. And recognize some truths that have me now moving forward with peace.”

    - Kim -
  • “I was stuck and couldn’t move forward. I felt I couldn’t afford the session and overnight realized that I could not afford to pass by his chance, to work with this woman who I somehow felt could get me through this. Within 2 sessions, I am no longer stuck but strong and ready to open my heart again for a new beginning! She is amazing, skilled and has been there.”

    - Mary -
  • “So difficult to put into words the gift you placed in my lap….. Thank you thank you thank you!!

    When I signed up to talk to Sharon, I was wallering in doubt and uncertainty, struggling with the conflict between my gut instincts and that voice in my head……
    By the end of the 8 weeks…. Sharon had guided me to the place I knew I needed to be…she gave me practical tools that WORK and now I am well on my path to a true friendship with myself giving myself the priceless gifts of peace and clarity. I am forever grateful for having met and worked with my wonderful friend Sharon Pope!”

    - Cynie -
  • “I feel 10x better than I did when I reached out to you a few weeks ago. I needed this to ground me again.”

    - Kim -