Work with Sharon

Sometimes, women find me stuck in indecision – not knowing if the marriage can ever feel good again or if the only answer is to leave. Those women need clarity. And sometimes women are done trying in their marriage and know their answer is to leave but they feel paralyzed in taking those steps forward. Either way, I have a solution that is absolutely perfect for you.

I'm Stuck Not Knowing Whether to Stay or Go

  • It’s for women who are struggling in their disconnected marriages – not knowing how to stay and reconnect, but also not yet ready to leave either.
  • With this membership program, I’ve made it possible for women to get the clarity they need so they can either fix their marriage or move forward without regret.
  • You will no longer feel stuck in the pain of indecision and feel equipped to navigate your answer – whether you choose to stay or go.
Investment: $197 per month USD

I Want to Know How to Walk Away Peacefully

  • It’s for anyone who wants to peacefully, and with as little emotional turmoil as possible, unwind their marriage.
  • With this membership program, I’ve made it possible for women to move through the process of divorce with intention, peace, clarity, and maturity….
  • …and come out the other side with no regrets, minimal resentment, and a far greater potential for happiness.
Investment: $197 per month USD

Sharon also does private coaching for a limited number of women we well. Schedule a Truth & Clarity session to learn more about her private coaching option.