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About The Road Back to You Retreat

About Retreats
About The Road Back to You Retreat

Join me and a group of courageous, soulful women in a place that will take your breath away – and leave you forever changed.

The Road Back to You Retreat is where a small group of like-minded women come together for a life-changing experience. You’ll enjoy soul-nurturing activities, divine inspiration, meaningful connections, and more fun than you ever imagined – all in beautiful surroundings that will relax and rejuvenate.

Come Simply for The Joy of It


Do you hear that?

It’s your best life calling.

It’s the thirst for something more that’s bubbling up from deep in your soul.

It’s reminding you that it’s your life.

It’s your time.

It’s your turn.


The Road Back to You Retreat was created specifically to fan those flames of your desires that are burning deep inside. To get you back in touch with the truth that life is supposed to feel good.

You’ll spend your days understanding how you got where you are.

You’ll learn who you really are (hint: LOVE) and what you’re really here for (hint: JOY).

You’ll let go of old, false beliefs that are holding you back.

You’ll get it touch with what inspires you, with what lights you on fire.

You’ll hear things you’ve never heard before, and do things you’ve never done.

You’ll experience what true joy feels like and give yourself permission to go there again and again and again.

serene woman

Get set for an experience you’ll never forget

An incredibly soulful experience, each day will bring your vision for who you really are and who you’re becoming into clearer focus through facilitated group and one-on-one discussions with Master Coach and International Best-Selling Author, Sharon Pope.

Every day features a combination of inspirational teachings and local experiences to bring those teachings to life.

You will also have ample opportunity for time in quiet and stillness (which is the only place you can hear that inner voice guiding you) through activities such as meditation, yoga or quietly reflecting in a thermal springs pool.

Add seaside socials, sightseeing excursions and dinners featuring the candle-lit Tuscany hillside as a backdrop, and you have the perfect mix of learning, growing and yes…absolute, unadulterated, unapologetic joy. 

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Find Your Joy, Change Your Life.

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You’ll come away with life-long memories and new connections that feel like old friends.

You’ll connect with your deepest desires and give yourself permission to experience joy again.

Plus, you’ll also get practical information, tools and resources you can use to paint a new picture or fill in the fuzzy spots of your current living masterpiece.

My Hope for You

The creation of The Road Back to You Retreat was born from working with so many incredibly brave and wonderful women who thirst for more…  more love, more passion, more truth, and more happiness in their lives. Taking the action of putting yourself first and going on a retreat where you will reconnect to emotions, desires, and dreams that too often get lost along the way. Investing in your own joy truly is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself.

Come away with me.

Be brave.

Be forever changed.

Be who you really are.

Get what you truly want.

I’ve seen firsthand the profound effect that retreats have on my clients. They learn – or relearn – how to soar. The light in their eyes brightens. Their love pours out. They understand who they are, what they want, and how to get it. You can almost see everything click into place right in front of you.








Do in a few days what it takes others a lifetime.

My deepest hope for you is that you say YES to YOU and come back home to your heart.

See you in Tuscany, love.

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