Truth & Clarity Session

Learn the ONE Truth that Changes Everything.

Truth & Clarity Session

Learn the ONE Truth that Changes Everything.

These sessions are reserved for women who are ready to get out of pain, find their answers, and transform their lives.

Each week, I offer a limited number of Truth & Clarity sessions with a member of my team. These sessions are designed to see if there’s a fit for you and I to work together one-on-one to overcome the relationship struggle you’re facing. These sessions are 100% confidential and simple to schedule and attend. Follow the 3 steps below:



Determine if You’re Ready to Take the Next Step

My Methods Transform Hearts, Relationships & Lives

Are You Ready for That?

Because we receive far more applications than we have time available, we ask each woman to give serious thought about why they want to take this step, and if they’re truly ready to heal, get unstuck and move forward to creating the life they want and relationship they deeply desire.

If you’re not ready, please know I understand. Many women stay in pain and indecision for years. My biggest passion is working with woman who are ready to dry the tears, move past the fears and find happiness. If that’s you, move to Step 2.



Complete Our Truth & Clarity Session Application

Tell Us About Yourself and Why You Want a Session

One of the best ways for us to learn about you and where you are is by asking you to complete our online application. The more thorough you are, the better chance we have of getting together on a Truth & Clarity session.



Schedule Your Truth & Clarity Session

At the end of the application, you will be taken to the online calendar to schedule your Truth & Clarity Session. You will hear back from us if your session application was not accepted.

  • Please enter a value between 1 and 10.
    You are asking my team to hold space on their calendar for you and I am paying them to do so. We have a 24-hour re-schedule / cancellation policy. If we hold this space for you and you don't show-up, you will not have the opportunity to reschedule with us in the future.
    Be sure to schedule your appointment on the next page!