Get Answers for Your Relationship &
Learn the ONE TRUTH that will change EVERYTHING.

These appointments are reserved for women who have been stuck in the pain for a long time and are ready to find their answers and transform their lives.

Each week, I offer a limited number of Truth & Clarity appointments with a member of my team. These appointments are designed to see if there’s a fit for you and I to work together one-on-one to overcome the relationship struggle you’re facing. During this session you will learn the ONE TRUTH that has changed everything for thousands of women struggling in their most important, (and what should be their) most intimate relationship.

These sessions are 100% confidential and simple to schedule and attend. But we have to decline approximately 50% of the applications we receive, so take your time and follow the simple two-step process below:

Schedule Your Appointment

Click below, you will be taken to the online calendar to schedule your Truth & Clarity Appointment with a member of my team. If there are no times available that work for you in the next 48 hours, please send me a direct message at

Complete Your Application

Tell Us About Yourself and Why You Want a Session

One of the best ways for me to understand if I can help you is to hear a bit about the struggle you’re facing. You will hear back from me personally if your application was declined. (Hint: If you’re not willing to take a 5-15 minutes and give me details about the struggle you’re facing, why should I pay a member of my team to hold space on their calendar for you?)