Teleconference – Your Last Holiday Alone

Get the love you desire and deserve in 2016

Teleconference – Your Last Holiday Alone

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Sunday, 12/13 at 8:00 PM ET:

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Don’t Want to Spend Another Holiday Alone?

Learn 3 steps to CREATING THE LOVE YOU DESIRE IN 2016.


Your Last hOLIDAY Alone
3 Steps to Creating the Love You Desire in 2016

I know how painful and lonely it is to want love – especially at this time of year – and not have it. And most of what keeps us from having the love we desire is a combination of all the lies we believe and unintentionally carry with us from one failed relationship to the next. And it’s once we can see the truth of those lies more clearly that we’re then able to create the kind of love we really desire.

And I want 2016 to be your year for love.

This call is for you if:

  • You feel like you’ve been left on the sidelines of love.
  • You have had your heart broken and are scared to trust again.
  • You’ve failed at love previously and are starting to lose hope of finding it for yourself.
  • You’ve just gotten out of a long-term marriage or relationship and are trying to navigate this new world of dating.
  • And most importantly, if you’re ready to create a future love experience in 2016 that looks dramatically different than your past love experiences.


As a Master Life Coach, dealing almost exclusively in love and relationships, I speak with many women (and even a few brave men) every day who want to find a deep, soulful and lasting love.

When you start talking about finding love, everyone wants to talk about what action you’re taking. In a culture of immediate gratification, we want the bullet point list of how to meet “The One” and we want the quickest path to the finish line.

What most people don’t realize is that they’ve skipped some very important steps (that no one tells you about) and without taking those deliberate steps, love will very likely continue to be inaccessible.

Which is why I’m inviting you to join me for this new, complimentary, from-the-heart training to find out how 3 simple steps can actually lead you to the love you desire and deserve in your life.


Here’s what you’ll learn on this soulful 60 minute teaching call:

  • The 3 most meaningful steps you can take to find love in 2016.
  • How you actually play an important role in the creation of your experiences as it relates to love.
  • How attempting to bypass the most important pieces of the process actually prevents you from getting the love you really want.
  • Identifying what’s keeping you stuck in your love patterns and understanding how to break free.
  • How being compassionate toward yourself through this process yields far greater results and can create the miracle of a soulful, passionate and lasting love.


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Who am I and how do I know this?
I spent 11 years in a marriage that looked perfect from the outside, but left me feeling unhappy and lonely on the inside. Then, I spent several years getting my heart broken by men that had no intention of treating it with the care it deserved.

These experiences were by far the most difficult period of my life, but they were also the catalyst for the most profound change and growth in my life. I finally stopped running and hiding and spent the next two years answering the difficult questions of my life.


Here’s what I learned…
Once I began telling the truth about my role in creating my experience in love, identifying the patterns and healing my past, was when the type of men I was attracting shifted dramatically.

Once I was able to begin treating myself and my heart as the precious possession that it was, others began to see it and treat it with respect as well. It was only then that I could attract, recognize and sustain the deep, soulful, lasting love that I had been craving. It was only then that I could have met my husband and absolute love of my life, Derrick.


What you can expect…

If you have been trying to find love in your life and don’t want to spend another holiday alone, this training is for you.

And yes, I’ll be telling you a bit about my coaching programs that have changed many, many lives, but I promise you’ll learn plenty on this call that will transform your approach to creating the love you desire whether you decide to work with me or not.

…PLUS, in celebration of my first international best-selling book being available for the first time in print, I will be raffling off some autographed copies of Soulful Truth Telling: Disbelieving the Lies that Keep Us from the Love We Desire for anyone who joins me live on the call.

Additionally, since it’s the holiday season, you’ll also get my free ebook, I’m Ready for Love, So Why Don’t I Have It? And yes, if you sign-up, you will receive the recording of the call, but you won’t have the opportunity to win a copy of one of my signed books.

Sharon is a certified Martha Beck Master Life coach, best-selling author, and speaker. As a woman that has not just survived a divorce and several bad relationships but thrived as a result of the lessons learned once she was able to get really honest with herself, she has created the 3 most meaningful steps you can take that will dramatically change the way you’ve approached finding love previously. She has been published more than a dozen times in multiple online publications and her words have helped thousands of people think differently about love. She has authored four books on love and relationships, most of which reached best seller status on Amazon in a matter of days. Her mission is to help fabulous women (and some brave men) actually create the love they desire and absolutely deserve for their lives.

What others like you have said…..

  • Working with you has truly transformed my life, I was ruined, broken and more lost than I have ever been in my life.  You literally were the life raft that pulled me out of the water and coached me thru the most healing and growth I have ever experienced. I am now more of myself than I have ever been and for that I will be eternally grateful. You delivered as promised, and it was worth every penny!
    Bernadette, Love of Life & Hopeful Romantic
  • I had a, straw that broke the camel’s back, moment that gave me the extra push I needed to begin working with Sharon.  I was tired of feeling lonely and stagnant when it came to my dating status and my career. After working with her for the past three months I no longer feel “stuck” and TRULY feel optimistic about my future and believe that I can achieve what I desire. The tools she taught me helped me to take control of my life.   I am beyond grateful for her guidance!  
    Karen, Beautifully Brave & Now Madly in Love
  • Every session with Sharon was “life-changing.” I felt like I was taking giant steps!  Best thing I have ever done for myself….Priceless!!! 
    Linda, Pursuer of Healthy Mind, Body, Heart, Soul and Spirit