Teleconference – The Compassionate Breakup

If there was no mud, there would be no lotus.

Teleconference – The Compassionate Breakup

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Sunday, July 26th at 8:00 PM ET

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Experiencing a Breakup?


The Compassionate Breakup

Breakups of all forms (separation, divorce, broken heart…) can bring even the strongest people to their knees. But in the midst of that pain there are some things we can do, some questions we can ask ourselves that can help us find some peace in the midst of that storm. Let me show you how to think about your breakup in a new way: a way that is compassionate, powerful, transformative… and absolutely possible.

SUNDAY, JULY 26th from 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM ET

This call is for you if:

  • You’ve just experienced a breakup of any kind (separation, divorce, broken heart…).
  • You’re experiencing a great deal of sadness or anger after the loss of a relationship.
  • If that sadness or anger is impacting your life, your happiness, your self-esteem or your other relationships.
  • If the previous breakup or heartbreak is keeping you from loving fully.
  • If you’re feeling stuck, numb or lonely in your current relationship and are considering leaving, but don’t know how.

No mud. No lotus.

The lotus flower emerges from merky, muddy ponds breaking the surface of the water each morning and blooming.

  • What if I could show you how to leave your painful past in the muddy waters?
  • What if there I could show you how the pain you’re experiencing is actually there for you as a guide for your life?
  • What if there was a way to compassionately release all the anger and sadness so that you could turn your face towards the light and bloom?

Which is why I’m inviting you to join me for this brand new, no cost, tell-the-truth training on how The Compassionate Breakup can bring you peace.

Here’s what you’ll learn on this soulful 60 minute teaching call:

  • The 5 ways you can view your breakup through a new lens that will bring you peace.
  • How holding onto anger and sadness will actually prevent you from getting what you really want.
  • How to honor your heart and own needs without causing unnecessary drama and pain.
  • How honesty can transform your experience and lead you back to happiness.
  • How being compassionate to yourself can actually lead to the miracle of a compassionate breakup.

Who am I and how do I know this?
I spent 11 years in a marriage that looked perfect from the outside, but left me feeling unhappy and lonely on the inside. Then, I spent several years getting my heart broken by men that had no intention of treating it with the care it deserved.

These experiences were by far the most difficult period of my life, but they were also the catalyst for the most profound change and growth in my life. I finally stopped running and hiding and spent the next 2 years answering the difficult questions of my life.

Here’s what I learned…
When your heart is broken there’s an opening…..a small space…for the light to get through. So when relationships break, we can either make the choice to shut down and not let the light in, sitting there in our anger and pain and bitterness or we can turn our face towards that light.

If you’re in the midst of a breakup, trying to heal from a broken heart or considering leaving a relationship in order to honor your own heart, this training is for you.

As a Love Coach I hear women that struggle with the challenge of getting through a breakup every day. Join me to learn the 5 tools that will absolutely transform the way you move through your break-up.

And yes, I’ll be inviting you to join me in my proven, individual love life transformation coaching program (if you qualify) but I promise you’ll learn plenty on this call that will transform your life and your breakup whether you join me or not.

…PLUS, you’ll get my free ebook, Relationships Break: That Doesn’t Make You Broken.

Sharon is a certified Martha Beck life coach, international best-selling author, speaker and radio host of the program: Tell the Truth with Sharon Pope. As a woman that has not just survived several life-changing breakups but thrived as a result of the lessons learned from those breakups, she has compiled the most powerful tools to free yourself from the pain and bitterness that typically accompanies a breakup. Her mission is to help women find their courage, heal their heart and live in love. What others like you have said…..
  • “Sharon is amazing!! Her insight and intuition were right-on and exactly what I needed! Simply said, she exceeded my expectations.”
    Judy L, Courageous Heart & Brave Spirit
  • “Every session with Sharon was life changing! I felt like I was taking giant steps! Best thing I have ever done for myself….Priceless”
    Linda S, Pursuer of Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit
  • “When I first reached out to Sharon I felt defeated and beat myself up daily. I had no idea how to deal with the pain I faced.  After working with Sharon only a short time, everything shifted and she has had a dramatic impact on my life.” 
    Becky S, Sweet Soul & Confident Mom