Is There Still Hope?

If You Keep Doing the Same Thing, You Should Expect the Same Result.

Is There Still Hope?

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Is There Still Hope?

“Hope never abandons you, you abandon it.” George Weinberg


My new clients, who I’ll refer to as Andrea and Gary had been together for 14 years, both on their second marriages. Theirs had not been an easy relationship, with many arguments and the complexities that come with attempting to blend families together. He could be a bit too volatile and she could be a bit too passive.

But with each angry outburst, she took a step away from him emotionally.

When he would reject her advances, she stepped further away from him.

Every time he would choose work ...continue reading...

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Conventional Wisdom Doesn’t Work in Our Relationships

“Conventional wisdom is no wisdom at all. Conventional wisdom is taking someone else’s word for the way things are.” Richard Marcinko


When our marriage or most intimate relationship seems like it’s falling apart, we fall back on conventional wisdom to help guide us.

Just spend more time together…

Ride it out; it will pass…

You have to begin touching, hugging, kissing each other again…

Go to couples counseling…

Schedule a date night…

Plan a romantic getaway together…

Give him a dose of his own medicine…

Ignore it and maybe the problem will disappear…

But if any of that ...continue reading...

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My Life Needed to be Blown-Up

“When your life shatters, you’re being awakened.” Martha Beck


Ten years ago, I was submerged in a life and a career that I thought contained all the keys to happiness, but instead was a life I wanted to escape from.

I was married to a man that was nice and kind, but not passionate or connected. I was in a career that kept me striving, but never really thriving or knowing my value.

My life was filled with all the things that looked great from the outside, but left me feeling empty and alone inside:

A four-bedroom home ...continue reading...
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Does It Take Two People to Fix a Marriage?

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.” Albert Einstein


I received a client application recently that shared with me, “We have so many problems and we’ve been disconnected for so long that I don’t know if it will do any good for me to work on the marriage if he’s not also working on fixing the problems in our marriage. Is it possible for me to fix a marriage by myself?”

Many of us believe that in order to fix a relationship, both parties need to be present and actively working on ...continue reading...

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