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Disbelieving the Lies that Keep Us from the Love We Desire

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Sharon is a certified Martha Beck life coach, author, speaker and radio host of the program: Tell the Truth with Sharon Pope. As a woman that has not just survived several breakups but thrived as a result of the lessons learned from those breakups, she has created the most powerful steps you can take to heal your heart after a breakup and even open yourself to a future lasting love. Her mission is to help women heal from love lost, find the love they really desire and become love from within.

What others like you have said…..
  • “Working with Sharon has truly transformed my life, I was ruined, broken and more lost than I have ever been in my life. Sharon was literally the life raft that pulled me out of the water and coached me through the most healing and growth I have ever experienced. I am now more of myself than I have ever been and for that I will be eternally grateful. Sharon delivered as promised, and it was worth every penny!”
    Bernie B., Lover of Life & Hopeful Romantic
  • “When I first reached out to Sharon, I felt defeated and beat myself up daily. I had no idea how to deal with the pain I faced. After working with Sharon only a short time, everything shifted and she has had a dramatic impact on my life.”
    Becky S., Sweet Soul & Confident Mom
  • “Sharon is Amazing!! Her insight and intuition were right on and exactly what I needed! Simply said, she exceeded my expectations!!”
    Judy L, Courageous Heart & Life Lover