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If You're Feeling Stuck, Lost, Empty, and Alone...

If you’ve been alive for more than forty years, you’ve experienced heartbreak and loss. It’s part of living life and opening your heart to love. But that doesn’t make it easy, and it most certainly doesn’t make it bearable when you’re in the pit of indecision about whether to stay or go in your marriage or how to heal from heartbreak from your divorce or painful breakup.

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from – married-but-feeling-alone or wondering how to move past the pain from heartbreak. You’re still hurting. And you’re still struggling in the most important area of your life – those you share your heart with.

And with every heartache – every disappointment that leaves us feeling alone, unsupported, and unloved yet again – we gather more and more proof to feed the lie that this is all there is, that I should be grateful or maybe what I want isn’t really possible. 

And we stay stuck in our same rut, our same pattern, our same pain.

Getting Un-Stuck

The key to breaking these patterns often comes from the outside (and that’s where I come in, but more on that later.) The simple fact is that you often can’t see past your own experiences, your own beliefs, and your own misconceptions to fully understand how you’re helping to create the patterns that keep you alone.

And once you break these patterns, you can attract the kind of deep, soulful and lasting love that you both desire and deserve.


I am The Love and Relationship Coach for Women Who Want More...much more.

I was in a marriage for 11 years and while I was in this marriage, I “had it all.” It looked great from the outside but felt alone and empty inside. Then I fell in love and when that ended, I felt the deepest heartbreak I could have imagined. During that time, I was discovering who I really was and what I wanted in my life and my most important relationships.

So I’ve not only walked through the same fire as you and know what you’re feeling, but I have the tools to bring you through this.


If you’re struggling in your marriage and feeling stuck and confused about whether you should stay and re-commit to your marriage or lovingly release it, I know what you’re feeling and I know the way to clarity for you.

If you’re feeling lost, alone and drowning in heartbreak from a painful breakup or divorce, I have also walked though that fire myself and I know how to heal those painful experiences so you can move forward.

I wasn’t even a Master Life Coach then. I didn’t go through my training until after all this happened to me in my own life. So, I not only know what you’re feeling and experiencing, but I now have the tools to bring you through this. We will do in weeks what takes others years, or even decades, to do.

If you’re sincerely ready to no longer feel stuck or heartbroken, then I invite you to complete an online application for a complimentary Truth & Clarity session with me.