The Regret-Free Divorce

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Created by Master Life Coach & International Best-Selling Author, Sharon Pope
The Regret-Free Divorce & Knowing You've Done all You Can
Are You Questioning Your Marriage?

Perhaps you’ve been questioning your marriage and seeking answers for some time now.

You’ve been trying to figure out if you can make this painful marriage work or if it’s time to walk away. And every time you think you know your answer, there’s something that keeps you second-guessing, filled with fear and regret.

But all that questioning just keeps you stuck in indecision, your head spinning around in the questions.

If you’re feeling this way, it’s natural to feel out-of-sorts and even afraid. It’s time to gently look at where you are and get the guidance you need to figure out what’s the right answer for your life.


During this brand-new, Free, live call you will learn:

  • The cost of not having clarity about your marriage and remaining stuck in indecision.
  • What will happen if you walk away without knowing for sure.
  • The single most important thing you can do to move forward.


Get Answers. No Second-Guessing. 

Monday, November 14th

8:00 pm ET


Isn't it time to get the answers you're seeking?

This free teaching call will guide you to knowing when you’ve done all that you can and to get the clarity you need about your marriage to move forward with your life.

On this Free CallI share my very personal story of how I’ve been in your shoes, wondering if I should stay or go, questioning if I’m making the right decision and getting to my answer for my life…

On this Free Call,  You’ll discover what my clients face every single day when they’re in crisis over their marriage (They are simultaneously both desperate to make a change and scared to death about making a decision they’ll forever regret.)…

On this Free Call,  I share the single most important thing you can do RIGHT NOW to move forward and get an answer that you can believe in…

You’ll learn what the cost is to stay in indecision and so much more. In this free call, I will show you stories of women just like you – feeling stuck in a relationship that’s not making them happy… not knowing how to stay, but not knowing how to leave either. I’ll share with you how they got to their answer for their life.

“Hi, I’m Sharon. Thank you for having the courage to seek your answers for your life and your heart. This isn’t easy. I’ve helped hundreds of women get the clarity they need about their marriages so they no longer stay stuck in the questions, but are able to instead, move gently into the answers. I hope this free teaching call is of help to you too.”

Sharon Pope
Sharon Pope, Master Life Coach & Five-Time International Best-Selling Author