Lovingly Releasing Your Marriage

This is a Big Decision with Far Reaching Implications. It Should be Treated Accordingly.

Lovingly Releasing Your Marriage

Lovingly Releasing Your Marriage

The warning signs have been there for a while, whether you’ve consciously acknowledged them or not.

You may have been feeling more and more disconnected to your husband, drifting apart slowly over time.

Maybe you no longer hold hands or talk much. Perhaps you haven’t kissed in years. You might not even sleep together any longer.

Perhaps you woke up one day and realized you never really felt the type of passion that deep down you’ve always craved, and you can’t pretend one more day that it doesn’t matter.

Maybe he wants out. Maybe you do.

Whether you’ve made up your mind the marriage is over, or finally heard your husband utter the words “I want a divorce”, there’s a tremendous amount of change and choices swirling around you now. There’s likely a heavy dose of heartache too. Whether it’s your choice to leave or his, there’s a significant sense of loss.

We can take one of two roads when faced with divorce: we can bury our hurt, fear and anxiety in a get-tough approach. We can come out with guns blazing – vowing to make him pay and hiring the best lawyer so we protect ourselves and don’t get screwed. We can pack up our stuff and walk out the door, leaving the rubble behind us as we run full of determination into a new life.

This path is often filled with the most pain, for both parties and everyone in their midst – kids, family, friends. This approach casts a wide net of collateral damage.

There is a better way…

The alternative is we can find a way to be brave and lovingly release the marriage – in the right time, with the right words and actions. We can learn how to have the tough conversations calmly and confidently, instead of avoiding them or worse, being venomous and ugly as we make our escape. We can find a way to be thankful for the lessons and hopeful about the new opportunity to recreate our lives.

None of the women I’ve coached knew how to navigate this part of their journey when we started working together. I guided them through the waters of lovingly releasing their marriages using a soulful, heart-opening approach. Together, we find courage, distill fears, practice the hard conversations and walk step-by-step out of the shadows into the light of possibilities where healing happens.

If it’s time to heal from heartbreak and lovingly release your marriage, take the first step.
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