Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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...even if that question has been swirling around in their mind for years.

What You Will Lean by Making this Time Investment in Your Marriage:

  • Learn the Step-by-Step Approach My Clients Use to Get THEIR Answers for Their Marriages in 8 Weeks…Even if they’ve tried everything they know and nothing has worked.
  • How to begin getting better answers to deeper questions without couples counseling or years of therapy.
  • Why your old way of thinking is keeping your fears alive and active, and how to get out of this vicious cycle that keeps you stuck in the questions, unknowns and uncertainties.
  • The secret to getting the answers that you can believe in starting TODAY (even if you’ve been feeling stuck for years).
  • How to end the long, drawn-out arguments, unending apologies and difficult conversations that drag on long into the night and start communicating more effectively (…and finally be able to REALLY hear what is being said).
  • Why abandoning your own happiness isn’t  a wise strategy – especially right now – and how to begin embracing your life again.
  • Why most people stay stuck and miserable in their unhappy marriages for years or decades – not knowing how to make it better and not knowing how to leave it either – and how to NOT become that statistic yourself.
  • AND how all this can be done while remaining true to oneself and knowing FOR SURE that the right actions are being taken and the right decisions are being made.
Proven Answers for Your Marriage.

This will be the most valuable 60 minutes you’ve spent on your marriage in a long time.

“Hi, I’m Sharon Pope. I am a Master Life Coach and a Six-Time International Best-Selling Author in love and relationships. Thank you for having the courage to seek answers to the questions that really matter. This isn’t easy, but there is a way through. I’ve helped thousands of women make the decision for their own marriages – one they can believe in and act upon. I hope this brand-new live class will help you as well.”

Sharon Pope
Sharon Pope, Master Life Coach, International Best-Selling Author & Speaker