Stay or Go

Discover The REAL Truth About Staying Or Going

Stay or Go

Are you in an unhappy relationship?
Are you unsure whether you should stay and fight to fix it or go and start over again?

Discover The Real Truth
About Staying Or Going…

(not just what the self-help articles online will tell you)

And Discover WHY Making a Decision Today Is The Wrong Idea.

This free ebook will show you stories of women just like you – stuck in a rut and a relationship that’s not making them happy…

And I’ll share the questions they asked themselves to discover whether their relationship was really right for them.


On page 17, You’ll discover what my clients face every single day when they’re in crisis over their marriage (They are simultaneously both desperate to ____________ and scared to death about _____________.)

On page 11, I share the story of my client Sandy and her slow but defined disillusionment with her marriage (and how she stayed for the kids)…

At the top of Page 27, I share the one question you should be asking yourself RIGHT NOW about your relationship so you can begin healing yourself and your marriage…

And much, much more throughout this from-the-heart e-book.

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***This is not the same book you see me advertising on Facebook. The link to that book can be found here.***