Relationships Break – Cont…

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Relationships Break – Cont…

Your free PDF is on its way to your inbox right now…

But before you go, I’d like to take just a moment and talk with you about where you are and what you’re feeling right now. And what’s more, I’d like to take a moment to tell you where you could be… and how I can help.

Whether you believe it or not, your heart can – and will – heal.

You Can Heal from Heartbreak and Be
Ready To Face The World Again…

Together, we can see past your pain and prepare your heart for the right kind of love… the Deep, Soulful and Lasting kind of love.

There is nothing quite like the emptiness of the other side of a bed after your relationship ends. It feels like it should be freeing – like you have room to spread your arms like wings and embrace the space left behind.

But in reality, it’s cold over there. It still smells like your ex, and it makes you angry and hurt all over again just to look over there.

And the rest of your life feels the same way. Like there’s a big part missing (because there is) but you’re not quite sure you’re prepared to handle it just yet. It hurts too much, makes you too angry, and makes you feel like you’re just raw and bruised and cut open so everyone can see your pain.

I’ve been dumped. And I’ve done the dumping. And you know what? Both times… it hurts. It hurts to know that the person you’ve invested time and energy and effort in doesn’t feel the same way about you… or that they’re not “the one” like you always hope in the beginning.

Sometimes we take the easy way out – we blame them. We blame their lies and the way they fooled us in to thinking they were different. It’s easy to blame your ex for the failings of the relationship… when really, we’re to blame at least a little bit, too.

Relationships don’t fail suddenly. There are always things that just don’t work, for whatever reason. And whether we choose to ignore those things is up to us… but they’re still there.

And I’m willing to bet that after you’ve healed from a breakup… you’re able to see where ending it made more sense than staying in it.

Before we go further, though, I want to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you, and you are completely deserving of the kind of love that you desire. You are a strong, beautiful woman who has a lot to offer and you will find someone who feels like home and makes you believe in the kind of real love that lasts a lifetime.

That doesn’t mean that you may not require a little bit of help to get
you over the heartbreak before you can accept love in your life again.

Oftentimes, the issue that women just like us face is that we simply don’t know what a good relationship should truly look like. We spend our time searching for the perfect surface life and we’re not adequately prepared to actually live in a good, healthy relationship.

And with every failed relationship – with every bad experience that’s left us alone yet again – we gather more and more proof to feed the lie that we don’t deserve a healthy relationship and that we’ll be alone for the rest of our lives.

And we stay stuck.

The key to breaking these patterns often comes from outside (and that’s where I come in, but more on that later.) The simple fact is that you often can’t see past your own experiences, your own beliefs, and your own misconceptions to fully understand how you’re helping to create the patterns that keep you alone.

And once you break these patterns, the change will be seen all the way up to the sparkle in your eyes.

ready-for-love-sharon-preThis is me while I was in my previous marriage. A marriage I stayed in for 11 years. And while I was in this marriage, I “had it all.” I had the 4 bedroom house in a golf community. I had the dog and the handsome husband and the corporate job with cushy 401(k). I had a group of friends that I saw regularly and I spent a lot of time living the dream.

And I was lonelier than I ever thought possible.

My husband and I weren’t lovers – we were married to one another because we were “safe.” I had no sparkle in my eyes, because I didn’t have any spark in my life. I couldn’t tell my friends how I felt because they were envious of what I had – how did I explain that it just wasn’t enough?

And so I left him. I left for a man that made me feel passionate. A relationship full of hot and heavy sparks… and one that left me burned and more alone than before.

But I couldn’t go back – I couldn’t return to my life because I was FEELING things now. I couldn’t go backward to that unfeeling, numb, lonely life.

So I spent the next 2 years discovering precisely who wasn’t a good fit – men who were bad for me from the start but that I loved anyway. Men who would never love me back… not the way I wanted. Men who would love me and leave me, men who used me, and men who were so emotionally unavailable that I couldn’t ever crack the code.

After the last breakup, I said “enough.” I had hit rock bottom and I knew that I had to figure out a different, better way.

There is a better way. There IS a better life out there for you. There is a love that will put the sparkle into your eyes and make you feel more alive than you’ve ever felt before. And what’s more… there’s life beyond the pain. I promise. I’m living proof.


And if you’re ready to heal – truly heal, deep down… I have developed a program that will help you do exactly that.


I didn’t have any tools at my disposal during this difficult period of my life, so it took me almost 2 years to get really honest with myself, heal my past, open my heart again to love and to live the life I have today.

The good news for you: I know the way through this forest and I have all the tools to knock down every tree that’s in your way. (Hint: Your love life will transform in weeks, rather than years like mine!)

ready-for-love-sharon-coupleOnce I began seeing my heart as the precious possession that it was, others began to see it and treat it that way as well. It was only then that I could find the kind of deep, soulful love that I had been craving. It was only then that I could have met my amazing husband, Derrick.

I learned the lessons I needed to learn, I healed the broken pieces from my past and I now show up in love and live in freedom every day. I know who I am and I live straight from that place of authenticity. Nothing is hidden, because there’s nothing to hide.

Are you ready to transform your life?

Imagine what you will feel like falling asleep in the arms of your best friend, your lover, your forever-partner… instead of falling asleep wishing for warmth.

Imagine being “that couple” that your friends are jealous of because you’re just so blissfully happy…

Imagine being with someone who makes you feel so completely and comfortably “you” that you can’t ever remember a time in your life before love…

Imagine listening to the love songs on the radio and feeling peace and satisfaction, rather than depression and wistfulness.

You can have it. And I can help.

By the end of the Your Love Life: Transformed program:

  • You will have healed the heartbreak so that it’s not carried into future relationships… allowing you to experience a new, fresh relationship as it’s meant to be experienced…
  • You will be able to overcome fear and self-doubt in your relationships so you can be fully seen and bring your entire self to the table….
  • You will know what you want in a relationship and you will be well on the path of attracting it for yourself… and what’s more, you’ll begin to recognize what you don’t want from a relationship so you can avoid repeating the same patterns…
  • You will feel confident in opening your heart to the possibility of love….

Don’t take my word for it. Read what others just like you have to say:

  • I was defeated until I met Sharon! – “When I first reached out to Sharon, I felt defeated and beat myself up daily. I had no idea how to deal with the pain I faced. After working with Sharon only a short time, everything shifted and she has had a dramatic impact on my life.”
    Becky S., Sweet Soul & Confident Mom
  • I’m finally ready for what I want out of life – “I understand that not all men are willing to step up to the plate and do this kind of self-discovery work. You ultimately hold the bat but a life coach, like any mentor, will guide you, challenge you, bring you back when you go off track and ultimately sharpen your game.Through my work with Sharon, I gained clarity in all aspects of my life. I now know what you want in a relationship and I’m no longer willing to settle for anything less. I know the kind of man and father I want to be each day, I know what I want to do in the next phase of my life and I know how to achieve it.Sharon was in my corner, listening, guiding and teaching me the tools to work out my own problems, find my own answers and walk my own journey. We all can do that ourselves, but without a coach like Sharon your struggle can be longer and more difficult than it needs to be.

    It’s worth the investment in yourself, after all – it’s your life! Just put your hand up, be willing to step up to the plate. She’ll pitch, you just have to swing.”

    Peter P, Courage & Heart as Big as His Vision
  • I Finally Have The Courage To Live My Best Life – “I had been living my last 32 years in fear and not trusting myself. I am so thankful for your work and my Inner Wisdom and to all of the things that make me never give up on myself. Thank you for being brave enough to share your life so I can have the courage to live mine.”
    Lyndsay B., Thankful Heart & Courageous Soul

Working with me 1:1 is the best way to gain real clarity about what’s been keeping you from the love you desire

for yourself and create the love you’re seeking. I can assure you things won’t be the same for you after 3 months with me.

Two Month Program
  • Eight 1:1 Weekly Private Coaching Sessions (each ~75 minutes)
  • Access to the My Year for Love 7-week self-study program
  • Me on speed dial: email me / call me / text me during my weekly office hours for the 2 month program

I only accept 4 new clients each month

Here’s how Your Love Life: Transformed will
take you from lonely and looking for love to ready
for the right kind of love to enter your life:

Step One: Find Your Courage

The first step we take together is dedicated to getting a clear understanding of what brought you to this point and to create a foundation for the transformation to occur in your love life.

You will discover some simple but profound tools that will bring you through your heartbreak and give you the confidence to trust yourself again.

It is typically in this first few sessions where we begin to see the underlying and unconscious beliefs you’ve been carrying that have been unintentionally sabotaging your efforts at love.

  • We will set a powerful intention for the work we will do together and so that I can hold that space for you.
  • We will take a deep dive into your past relationships.
  • I will introduce you to tools that will help you understand yourself better, as well as tools that will give you the freedom and confidence to never second-guess yourself again.

The coaching here in Step One will set you up for success for the next important step. It’s the laying of the foundation that ensures the stability of the house… so we’re going to lay a great foundation.

Step Two: Heal Your Heart

It is in this second step where the transformation really begins to take root through some Soulful Truth Telling, being able to genuinely see the patterns in our relationships and our role in the process. Many times, it is in this phase that we’re able to see how we’ve actually been unintentionally manifesting the exact experience we don’t want for ourselves.

It is only once we clear away the clutter in our lives, in our beliefs and around our hearts that we can create a clear path for transformational love to come through.

  • We will identify the patterns you have in love and how that shows up in your relationships.
  • We get really honest – not in a judgmental way – but in a compassionate and interested way – about the role you played in actually creating the experience (even if it’s only 10%).
  • You will have the opportunity to release yourself from the shackles of carrying resentments, giving you the opportunity to forgive yourself and everyone else as a path to freedom for YOU (not them).
  • Once you begin to find a new way of looking at thoughts and beliefs, it opens a whole new world to you that you never knew existed previously…and will give us a peek into the peace we seek for our hearts.
  • Your beliefs about love, what you deserve and what is possible for you will absolutely be transformed.

The honesty that we’ll experience here will be 100% real. And in the spirit of openness, I feel I should share that it may not always be comfortable for you. It may feel difficult. But it will be so worth it, my friend.

Step Two is the part where the most growing happens, and where, quite frankly… where most of the work lies. This step is essential to breaking the barriers that you’ve got around yourself – the same barriers that are keeping you alone.

All of this happens 1:1 in a completely personal, custom, and private setting.

You won’t be sharing your journey with other group students, and you won’t be completing group assignments that don’t follow your specific journey.

Yes, there’s a path that we’ll follow. That’s because I’m taking you through a proven series of steps that will get you where you want to be – the same steps that hundreds of my coaching clients have taken.

But the individual steps that we take will be all yours.

What would a renewed love life be worth to you?

Many of my colleagues charge $6,000.00 or more for a personalized program like this one. And in the spirit of full transparency, my fees will be increasing soon.

But right now, you have the opportunity to completely heal from your heartbreak at the lowest possible investment: Two Payments of $2000 each.

I’ll also extend the amount of time we spend together for an additional month at no additional investment.

I will make myself available during my office hours not only for the two months of the program, but the month following. That means you’ll double the amount of time you can access me via phone, e-mail and text message. You’ll have access to me when you’re out there living your new life, being open to love… and I’ll be here to continue to support you even after you’ve “graduated.”

But here’s the thing: I only accept 4 new clients per month so that I can focus entirely on your progress instead of being overwhelmed. And many of those spots are filled two or three months in advance, with more being filled all the time.

So if you’re really ready to make a difference – if you’re truly ready to escape the pain and create the love and life you’ve always wanted – then it’s time to make a decision.

I’m not asking you to get out your wallet today. I’m asking you to commit to a phone call. I’m asking you to spend 30 minutes on the phone with me, getting to know me, and discovering whether I’ve got the tools you need to live life – and love – on your own terms.


Consider your recent breakup. And look objectively 2 months or 6 months from now. Can you see yourself living again? Can you see a new, healed, fully alive version of you who’s ready to face the world and everything it has to offer?

Can you possibly see yourself understanding that perhaps breaking up has freed you to find the relationship you were meant to have all along?

If so… then perhaps it’s time to try something different than you’ve done in the past. Perhaps it’s time to break the patterns that are keeping you where you are, and to reach out to grab the right kind of love – the love that will build you up and leave you riding high… instead of down in the ashes.

I’m here to help… but it’s up to you to make the first step. Simply click the button below and you’ll be directed to schedule your 30-minute Truth & Clarity Session.


Love & Light,
Sharon Pope

P.S. Remember, I can only take 4 new clients per month and this month may already be completely booked up. The longer you wait to schedule your call, the longer you’ll live in the pain as you’ve been living… and if you’re ready for a change, it’s time to take a chance.