Living Your Soulful Life

“There is nothing that you cannot be or do or have.” Abraham Hicks

Living Your Soulful Life

Living Your Soulful Life.

An invitation-only small group coaching program for women who are transitioning out of a relationship and navigating the new waters of what’s next.

If you want to live passionately…

If you want to love deeply…

If you want a soulful life that’s lived in love and abundance…

Join the Living Your Soulful Life Program.


You are not here by accident. If you’re here, then you already know how far you can go in a short period of time when you have the accountability and support you need. You don’t need to wait years to create a life that feels really good. You don’t need to go though years of trial and error attempting to get it right;  you can create that life Right. Damn. Now. 

When we first began working together, you were in a very different place: feeling heartbroken or lost, questioning whether you stay or go, worrying about all that lied ahead.

You’re likely in a very different place now. You’re feeling a bit stronger and more grounded, but you’re wondering, “Will this last or will I just fall back into my old patterns?” You might know more now than you did two months ago, but that doesn’t mean that this way of living is your new default yet.

You may be ready for a new level of engagement – a level that will help you take total responsibility for your own happiness without needing anyone else around you to change – all done with accountability and love.

What two of my clients recently said about our work together:

“Working with you has truly transformed my life. I am now more of myself than I have ever been and for that I will be eternally grateful. You delivered as promised and it was worth every penny.”

“My work with Sharon has been unlike any other. The focus is different. There is a depth to our work – that gets to the core of who I am and what I want going forward. Sharon takes a caring, compassionate approach, tempered with accountability and honesty. She calls “bullshit” when it needs to be called and asks questions that I have never been asked before, triggering thoughts and insights that I have not experienced previously.”


What’s Included:

  • Weekly Small Group Video Coaching sessions – throughout the next 6 months
  • One VIP Day – We’ll spend the day focused on what you need when the time is right
  • Annual Women’s Retreat in Napa Valley (currently scheduled for Aug 19-22, 2017) – You only pay for travel and hotel
  • Me on speed dial: Continuous support by phone, text and email
  • Private Facebook group for community & connection

As a member of the Living Your Soulful Life program, you will also get:

  • Accountability & community with other women on the same journey walking alongside you.
  • All my coaching tools so that you can build upon and master the techniques you’ve been introduced to.
  • All my love, all my light and all my belief in you.


This program isn’t for everyone. And it isn’t offered to just anyone.

  • It’s for women who have weathered the storm, but still feel a bit unsure about navigating the waters ahead.
  • It’s for women who are ready to invest in themselves.
  • It’s for courageous women who believe in themselves, and know there’s so much more awaiting them.
  • It’s for intentional women that want to create a future love experience that looks and feels dramatically different than their past or anything they’ve seem before.

Your Investment

If you’re part of this program, I’m all yours and I’m completely committed to you creating the life, love and relationships you desire.

This is an investment in you, your heart, your relationships and everything you care most about. It’s an investment in taking what you’ve learned to the next level and not carry any of that crap into the next relationship.

My retail price for this six-month program is $18,000, but I want to give you a $6000 credit for the investment you’ve already made in yourself. That makes your investment in this continuing support program four monthly payments of $3000 (or one payment of $10,000 if paid in full).

If you’re all in on making the next decade look and feel dramatically different than the past, I’m here to challenge, support, and love you through it.