Individual Coaching for Men

Every marriage hits rough spots occasionally. But sometimes those patches of difficult times go from weeks…to months…to years.

We tell ourselves that it will get better or that we’ll “work on it,” but we really don’t know how to do that (otherwise we would have done it a long time ago).

So the disconnection widens, the resentments mount, and the annoyances between one another become louder.

You may be arguing more frequently – or there may be a deafening silence between the two of you. But regardless, it’s got you nervous, irritated and out of your element.

I’ve created an amazing coaching practice that has been successfully serving women struggling in their marriages for a long time, but women aren’t the only ones struggling. Men are also struggling in their relationships , but they’re asking very different questions:

  • Why does this have to be so damn difficult?
  • Why can’t she just be happy? Our life is fine…
  • Why am I the one that has to change?
  • Doesn’t she realize all I do for this family? I work hard all day long to provide for us…
  • How can I be so successful in other areas of my life, but I can’t figure this out?

Facing what’s not working in our relationships takes radical courage. Being willing to change what’s not working takes a warrior mentality.

But when you’re wrapped-up in the pain of it all, it’s difficult to see, let alone, act on a solution. And sadly, most won’t. We’ve put men on a pedestal that won’t allow them to not have the answer to this problem in their marriages or to seek help without it meaning something about their manhood.

But every athlete who takes their sport seriously has a coach. Every single one.
So it just makes sense that if you want to improve your relationship game, you can leverage the knowledge of an expert to help you get further, faster.

This is why I’ve expanded my coaching team so that I can help men either fix their marriage or know how to move forward without regret – in as little as 8 weeks.

The private coaching is delivered through the coach on my team who specializes in working with men, Shannon Cyr. I have personally trained Shannon on all my tools, processes, and methodology to help men either transform their relationship or move forward with no regrets, with both their integrity and confidence in tact.