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Find out if your ex was a narcissist and why it's critical that you know.
Written by Master Life Coach, Best-Selling Author & Speaker, Sharon Pope
If you're hurting after a break-up, narcissism may be a factor.

A ton of information has been written about how to identify narcissists – much of it written by psychologists and psychiatrists.  Why?

Because narcissism is a disorder, it’s not curable, and it’s incredibly dangerous.

If you recognize your ex boyfriend or husband in any of the descriptions featured in the 9 signs, then you very likely were involved with someone with a narcissistic personality.

Why is it critical that you know?

Because the effects of being involved with a narcissist is brutal to your soul. You need to know if your ex was a narcissist so you can finally heal from the relationship. This clarity is the first step toward understanding what happened so you can get out of pain and start on the path to freedom, happiness and the love you desire. Get the confirmation you need with this free resource.

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The effects of being involved with a narcissist is brutal to your soul.

Find out if your ex was a narcissist so you know how to finally heal from the relationship.

Narcissism in Action:

My client, Debbie, was married to a narcissist for seven years. If she did something that was outside of his house rules (such as leave the mail on the kitchen counter), he would become cold and distant, withholding his love and attention for days as punishment. Sometimes he would throw a temper tantrum when he didn’t get his way and she would pay for it for days with his silent treatment. When they split, he kept checking to see if that door was still open. In order to move on from that relationship, Debbie had to set a very distinct no-contact boundary and stand by it.

My client, Julia, became involved with a narcissist who manipulated her into being at his beck and call and giving him money. He would say, in a desperate tone, “Tell me you love me.” And she would. But he would never say it back. Everything was always about him and on his terms, even where and when they would have sex. He had a girlfriend that he lived with and any number of other girlfriends that he bounced between, to feed that ego and his unending appetite for having all the attention.


What You Need to Know:

If your ex is a narcissist, he is completely incapable of acknowledging your feelings or understanding and validating your pain. You don’t need to say it more clearly, find the right words, or raise the volume, because he cannot hear you.

Inside of that relationship, you likely felt emotionally alone for most of it. He may have met your needs periodically, but that was only if it was in his own interest. But it kept you believing he was really a good person, deep down. It gave you hope, it kept you on the hook, and it made you easier to control.

Even after you’ve broken up, he will still attempt to control and manipulate you. He may attempt to communicate with you about other random things unrelated to the relationship. He will consistently check, again and again, to see if that door is still open with you.

The truth is…

You get to decide when that door is closed and locked.
You get to decide when the pain and manipulation stops.

Find out if this is what happened to you. Take this first step for yourself. 


“Hi, I’m Sharon. Thank you for having the courage to seek the understanding, healing and lasting love you so richly deserve. I’ve helped hundreds of women heal their hearts, break free from the beliefs that hold them back from the kind of relationship they’ve always dreamed of, and end the quest for what they thought was only a fairy tale. I hope this information is of help to you too.”

Sharon Pope
Sharon Pope, Master Life Coach, Best-Selling Author & Speaker