Get the Relationship Tools You Need to Create Real Change


Staying for Kids

There is not a single greater issue that keeps struggling parents paralyzed in fear than the presumed negative impact a separation or divorce would have on the children. In this 3-part video series, I challenge the three lines of thinking that keep people overwhelmed with guilt and stuck in indecision. You will also learn the two best options you have available to you, as well as the two worst options (that most people unfortunately take) so that should you choose to leave the marriage, you are able to lessen the impact to the children. Lastly, I share real client examples of how children can thrive regardless of your decision.


Five Essential Strategies for Creating Connection & Improving Communication in Your Relationship

The single biggest area of disconnection in our marriages – and the place where we tend to struggle the most – is in the area of communication. If we cannot communicate with one another, we cannot have a healthy marriage. Period. But no one ever taught us how to do this well – certainly not how to communicate in our most intimate relationship about the really difficult things, the painful things, the emotional things. In this 5-part video series, I want to share with you my very best communication tools and insights that you can begin applying to your marriage today so that you can see results and begin to feel relief quickly. These tools will help you engage and show up inside your relationship completely differently – even when it’s an argument – so that you alone can create the shift you desire in your marriage. And when you can begin communicating with one another, you have the opportunity to rebuild the connection between the two of you. So, as a part of this course you will also get a bonus worksheet: 30 days to Improving Connection & Communication that will help you become curious again about one another and improve the connection between the two of you.


One Last Shot at Making Your Marriage Work

If your preference is to to know you’ve done everything possible to attempt to make it work before making the heartbreaking decision to walk away, then here are some of my very best relationship tools that you can begin applying in your marriage today so that you can begin to create that much-needed shift between you as a couple. In this 10-part video series, complete with accompanying course worksheets, you will learn how to identify and shift the very things that are keeping you stuck in the painful recurring patterns. You will learn how to argue productively, how to set healthy boundaries and even how to re-connect in a way that feels authentic to you. Plus, you will learn how to manage the biggest piece to this whole equation of sustaining loving and lasting relationships over the long haul. This is where you begin to step back and create real transformation within your relationship and it begins with you.


Do Divorce Peacefully

Some of my clients want to stay and get equipped with the relationship tools to heal the disconnect they feel in their marriages; some don’t…and that’s okay. Not everyone wants to continue trying if they feel like all they’ve done is try… for years….and nothing’s changed. They’re exhausted. They’re at the end of their rope. They feel like they know what their answer is….and the painful truth is that they know the marriage is ending. But that can be a tough pill to swallow…leaving many people paralyzed. In this 10-part video training (with accompanying worksheets) you will get equipped with all the tools that you need to move through all the terrifying next steps, such as telling your spouse it’s over, how to tell the kids, how to manage your emotions and keep your peace through what will feel like an emotional roller coaster, and how to do it all as peacefully and as gently as possible for the benefit of you, your family and even for your partner that you once loved.