Do Divorce Peacefully – eCourse

If You Keep Doing the Same Thing, You Should Expect the Same Result.

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Do Divorce Peacefully – eCourse

Some of my clients want to stay and get equipped with the relationship tools to heal the disconnect they feel in their marriages; some don’t…and that’s okay. Not everyone wants to continue trying if they feel like all they’ve done is try… for years….and nothing’s changed. They’re exhausted. They’re at the end of their rope. They feel like they know what their answer is….and the painful truth is that they know the marriage is ending. But that can be a tough pill to swallow…leaving many people paralyzed. In this 10-part video training (with accompanying worksheets) you will get equipped with all the tools that you need to move through all the terrifying next steps, such as telling your spouse it’s over, how to tell the kids, how to manage your emotions and keep your peace through what will feel like an emotional roller coaster, and how to do it all as peacefully and as gently as possible for the benefit of you, your family and even for your partner that you once loved.

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