Deciding the Future of Your Marriage

This is a Big Decision with Far Reaching Implications. It Should be Treated Accordingly.

Deciding the Future of Your Marriage

Deciding the Future of Your Marriage

Wrestling with the decision about whether your marriage can be saved, or it’s time to lovingly release it, is undoubtedly one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever face.

Most of the women I speak with every day are not equipped to deal with a decision of this magnitude. It’s no wonder since this single decision has far reaching ripples – touching everything in their lives from their kids to their family and friends, their income, their living situation, and yes, even more…

They end up reeling from anxiety and doubt – paralyzed by fear and painting every worse-case scenario in their heads. They distract themselves from the heartache by drinking, shopping or over-indulging in whatever seems to sooth the pain – even if just for an hour. They firmly affix their “everything is ok” mask.

The result?

90% of them don’t do a thing except continue to suffer.

I’m looking for the 10% who are ready to find their answers.

Through our work together, some of my clients find their way back to their husbands.

Some don’t…

No matter the outcome, every one of them uncovers an answer that allows them to feel peace again. They’re able to end the mental and emotional struggle that had so heavily encumbered them when they were trying to find answers outside of themselves that didn’t feel like their truth. Many of them feel more alive than they have in years.

I have the training, the tools, the track record, and the faith in you and our work together.
I can help you uncover your answers and either transform or release your most important relationship. From the tough conversations to unraveling the mysteries of what you want in your life and marriage now. I’m ready to help you.

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