Dating after Divorce

Ready to Find the Lasting Love You Desire and Deserve?

Dating after Divorce

Dating after Divorce

You’ve spent time after your divorce healing your heart and are happy to say that now you can imagine the possibility of finding love again. The idea of dating no longer makes you want to run out of the room screaming…

The problem is you haven’t dated since Facebook was created and literally have no idea how to ease into dating in today’s technology-saturated world.

After a million questions run through your mind and you’ve long given up that the UPS man or the air conditioning repairman could be the answer, you have a million questions about how to do this:

  • Where and how do I start?
  • How do I find the kind of man I want to meet?
  • What if all they want to do is text?
  • What will they expect?
  • Why am I so nervous?
  • Will it get easier?
  • Do I have to buy spanx?
Plus, the most dreadful question of all:
What if I never find love again???

And you get stuck.

I know how you feel.

I’ve been there.

I know that fear really sets in when you realize YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE HOW TO DATE AFTER DIVORCE.

And I know what it feels like to find the deep, soulful, lasting love of a lifetime.

Here’s what it will look like:

  • Private coaching with me every other week for 12 weeks (each of those 6 sessions is typically around 75 minutes in length).
  • You receive my 6-week self-study training, My Year for Love + a signed copy of my international best-selling book, Soulful Truth Telling: Disbelieving the Lies that Keep Us from the Love We Desire
  • Me on speed dial (email, text, call) for the entire 3 months of working together

By the end of working with me for three months:

  • You will no longer dread re-entry into the dating pool, but instead, be excited for your first date. 
  • You will know how to thrive and actually, enjoy the process of dating.
  • You will feel confident that you will find the love you desire and deserve.

This investment in yourself and your heart is 2 payments of $2000 each.

It will feel effortless.

It will feel fun.

It will lead you to love.

Let’s Get Started
If you’re ready to find the loving relationship you really want, but don’t want the struggle of trial-and-error, then I invite you to complete an online application for a possible complimentary Truth & Clarity session with me where we will see if I can help you find the love you desire and absolutely deserve.