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What if We Skipped the Judgmental Label that Cheating is Wrong and Instead Considered It a Wake-up Call?
A New Perspective from Master Life Coach & 4-Time International Best-Selling Author, Sharon Pope

Perhaps it’s time to give up the judgment about cheating and look at this topic for what it is: a wake-up call for your life. This article will bring understanding during this confusing and difficult time.


If you’ve been struggling with the topic of cheating, this brand new material written by Master Life Coach and 4-time International Best-Selling Author was written just for you.

Struggling With Your Own Version of Life’s Wake-up Call?

If the topic of cheating has touched your life, don’t miss this fresh “judgement-free” perspective.

“Hi, I’m Sharon. Thank you for having the courage to seek the understanding, healing and lasting love you so richly deserve. I’ve helped hundreds of women heal their hearts, break free from the beliefs that hold them back from the kind of relationship they’ve always dreamed of, and end the quest for what they thought was only a fairy tale. I hope this information is of help to you too.”

Sharon Pope
Sharon Pope, Master Life Coach, Best-Selling Author & Speaker