About Me

Tell the Truth. Show up in Love. Live in Freedom.

About Me

Welcome… I’m Sharon Pope

I’m glad you’re here.

I am a certified Master Life Coach and six-time international best-selling author. I help women (and occasionally a few brave men) come to their answers for their lives about their struggling and painful relationships.

My Story

I had the husband, 4 bedroom house in the suburbs, one dog, no kids, the good corporate job, the 401k and the pension plan. I had no reason to be unhappy. But I was. I was unhappy and lonely in my marriage.

My husband and I had been married 11 years before we separated. I married him because I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. He wouldn’t lie to me or cheat on me. He didn’t make me share too much of my soul with him, so I could remain safe and hidden, but not necessarily in love.

I left that marriage chasing the elusive intimate and connected kind of love.

I found connection, but I also found deep heartbreak.

I found intimacy and affection, but also brokenness.

When I left my marriage, I had no idea what I was in for. My dissolution and all that occurred after that was by far, the most difficult time of my life, but it was also the catalyst for the greatest period of personal growth I had ever experienced.

I had work to do after that experience. I had to make sense of my marriage and how that failed. I had to figure out what I wanted and grow enough in order to become the person that could have what I wanted. I had to learn some difficult lessons about who to allow into my life and my heart.

I had to learn to love myself, forgive myself and stay true to myself. I had to take responsibility for what was mine to own. I wasn’t a coach then, so I didn’t have any tools and my journey was so much longer and more difficult than it needed to be.

That’s why once I became a coach, I dedicated my practice to love and relationships. It’s all I do.


I’ve Been Where You Are

It doesn’t matter if you’re questioning a marriage that no longer feels good or if you’re healing from heartbreak or divorce. You could even be trying to figure out if you can forgive someone who betrayed you or questioning why you’ve been unfaithful yourself. It doesn’t matter.

I’ve been through this fire that you’re standing in right now and I now have the tools to bring you through it. I’m familiar with the emotions, the doubts, the anxiety that creeps in, but I also am familiar with the peace that comes when you can be honest with yourself and not have regret.

Who better to guide you through this than someone whose been where you are, knows what you’re feeling AND is equipped with the knowledge and the tools?

As your coach, teacher and guide, I will take you by the hand and lead you to your answers for your life and your heart. 

Are you ready to get your answers?

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My Life Now


I live in downtown Columbus, Ohio with my champion, my spiritual partner and my husband, Derrick.

My office is located in Powell.

I’ve been published more than a dozen times in various online publications.

I have written 7 books, six of which became #1 international best sellers:

Why Isn’t This Marriage Enough?

I Know It’s Over. Now What?

Am I in the Wrong Marriage?

Why Can’t I Get Over Him?

Disbelieving the Lies that Keep us from the Love We Desire

 Life, Love, Lies & Lessons: A Journey through Truth to Find an Authentic Life

Growing Up for Grown-Ups

I received my undergraduate education from Ohio University and an MBA from Ashland University. I was in marketing for nearly 20 years, (where I nearly lost my soul) before coming back home to my heart and becoming a Love Coach.


Are you ready to get your answers for your life and your most important relationships?

Apply for a complimentary Truth & Clarity Session with me.